SHUPL host the Annual Badminton Tournament for the 2nd time


      In order to facilitate the physical fitness activities development of all our international students, the 2nd badminton tournament of Shanghai University of Political Science and Law was held as scheduled in the badminton gymnasium, on 22nd November, 2016.

       It was an individual competition, single elimination system was made. After our students did some warm-up exercises together, the referee explained the rules of the game. As soon as the match begins, all the players turned themselves into the PK status for the fierce competition. Everyone spares no effort to show their superb skills. Only if you were at the spot, you may never know how wonderful the match was and how energetic players we are!

       The match was consisted of 2 main events, men’s single and women’s single. The players competed and the winner of each round went to the next round. It was not a surprise that our international students are talented in sports. A special thanks goes to the spectators who supported our players with their cheering and the thunderous applause.

        After few hours of an exciting competition, which was running neck to neck for the championship, we finally got our winners:

Men’s single :   

·1st place – Joker

·2nd place – Mark

·3rd place – Elamen


Women’s single :

·1st place – Nazerke

·2nd place – Aziza

·3rd place – Munkhtsegtseg

        Except for the sweat of us in the field, more is the joy of friendship after the match got over. This match not motivates everyone’s enthusiasm in physical exercise, but also highlighted the power of team spirit, and can further strengthen the communication between us and enhance the friendship. 

        Congratulations everybody, we did a great job! Sachini李纯撰稿/奥莉摄影

School of International Communication and Exchange

22 November2016